Why Vegans Should Select Where to Eat

If you’re vegan you’ve most likely experienced this scenario – a group of friends or family want to go out to a restaurant but are baffled by your diet choice and aren’t sure how to handle it. Most likely they’ll give you the task of picking the location. This a great opportunity and it can lead to curiosity and understanding of your healthy plant-based diet. Let’s take a look at why vegans should select where to eat.

Understanding Your Lifestyle

Some people may be skeptical of your diet, not because they’re judgmental or mean, but because they haven’t had the opportunity to experience vegan cuisine firsthand. This is your chance to show your loved ones that a vegan diet doesn’t just consist of salad and crackers. Take them to that great new vegan restaurant that just opened up in town and show them how delicious plant-based food can be. Your friends might not realize that you can still be a foodie while being vegan. Vegan restaurants usually have some menu items that are meant to appeal to meat eaters for just this reason.

Look Beyond the Standard American Diet

There are so many delicious ethnic cuisines that don’t rely solely on animal products the way American cuisine tends to. Indian food, for example, is full of rich spices and sauces and the majority of its signature dishes are vegetarian and vegan. Have a meat and potato lover in your group? Have them try a masala dosa. A crispy pancake wrapped around a spicy potato and pea filling dipped in a tangy chutney might just convert that carnivore to the dark side. If an Indian restaurant isn’t an option, try Thai. Pad Thai or Pad See Ew with tofu is full of filling noodles and savory sauces that appeal to all types of diets.

Remember that your friends and family may be wary of your diet because they don’t understand it. Use this opportunity to explain what it’s done for you and your health, all while enjoying the best meal they’ve ever had.