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Essential Oils For Anti-Aging Skin


There are many commercial products to help reduce the signs of aging, but I always questioned if they actually work. In addition, I have concerns about the harmful chemicals contained in these products, since many companies are not required to disclose all the ingredients on their label. I prefer to use natural options for my skin care. 
As we age, the skin begins to break down and lose elasticity. This is what causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the face, particularly on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes.  
Essential oils may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent new ones. They are much less expensive than anti-aging skin care products you will find in department stores. They are also cost effective as well, because you can use essential oils for many unrelated uses.  
So how do you use essential oils for anti-aging skin care? 
It’s simple! All you will need are some basic essential oils listed below, a carrier oil of your choice (such as fractionated coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil or any other oil you choose) and a facial moisturizer. 
The best way to clean your skin and wash makeup off your face is to do Oil Cleansing. Oil Cleansing will prevent stripping away the natural oils from your skin when you wash your face.  
Oil Cleansing Recipe
2-3 drops lavender essential oil
1 tsp carrier oil
Mix into hand and apply all over face. Take a warm, wet washcloth and gently wipe oil off face. Your face will feel soft and moisturized.  
To stimulate collagen production and help with fine lines and wrinkles, add a few drops of essential oils such as copaiba, frankincense or myrrh to your facial moisturizer each night at bedtime.  
For a homemade anti-aging eye cream, make a simple eye cream using a tablespoon of solid coconut oil, 3-4 drops of rose or myrrh essential oil and 3-4 drops of copaiba or sandalwood and gently rub cream around eyes each night. 
For a natural glow and to stimulate collagen production, apply a few drops carrier oil with a few drops Yarrow Pom on a clean face every night. Don’t forget to do your neck too! 
Here are my top picks for anti-aging essential oils:
You can combine any of them in your recipes or
switch it up every now and then. 
  1. Copaiba – great for anti-aging skin, wound healing and to stimulate collagen production. 
  2. Yarrow Pom – when applied to the skin, pomegranate may reduce the appearance of sun spots, reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative stress and stop the growth of rogue cells. 
  3. Frankincense – reduces the appearance of scars, fine lines, stretch marks and improves skin tone and skin tightening. Promotes cell renewal. 
  4. Rose – reduces puffiness and redness, promotes cell renewal, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Lavender – for age spots, calming skin irritations, acne and skin cell regeneration.
  6. Myrrh – useful for fine lines and dry skin. 
  7. Sandalwood – for regenerating skin care, helps with sun damage and aging skin. Fights free radicals, tones and soothes the surface of skin while fighting the signs of aging.  
  8. Immortelle – a powerful anti-aging blend that contains multiple essential oils (this product by itself is all you need for an anti-aging powerhouse). 
Some of my favorite Anti-aging products
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Makeover Your Laundry Room

Why should we care about our laundry products? It may surprise you to know that not all laundry detergents are safe for our skin or our health.  The laundry detergent companies are not required to disclose the ingredients. The dangers in laundry detergent are real.  When we wash our clothes with traditional products, you would think the chemicals are being rinsed away. However, this is not the case. Many of the chemicals are not washed away in the rinse cycle and that residue is left on our clothing. When we breathe in or sweat, the residue is absorbed into our body.  
So here is a list of ways to swap out products that you may currently have in your home. You can replace the toxic products with natural options that are toxic free and create a healthier, safer environment for your family.
1,  First, you must swap out your laundry detergent for something that is safer.  OnGuard Natural Laundry Detergent is super concentrated. A little goes a long way and it is cheaper too.   You will only need one tablespoon for a full load of laundry. It also has an entire 10 ml bottle of OnGuard in it. so all of those powerful cleansing properties contained in OnGuard, are in the laundry detergent. It will clean your clothes efficiently and thoroughly.  It also contains natural enzymes that break up stains such as sweat, dirt, and food. You can also use this detergent for stains on carpets and cars.
2.  Change out your fabric softener with white vinegar.  Fabric softener is full of chemicals. Add a ¼ cup of white vinegar into the fabric softener section of your washer.  It will make your clothes softer, cleaner and eliminate static.
3.  Make your own homemade stain stick .  In a 10 ml roller bottle, fill 3/4 of the way with Onguard detergent and top off with a little water.  Great for on the go, traveling, in your bag etc.
4.  Add essential oils to help with odor and heavily soiled clothing.  Presoak and add dirty clothes to a bucket or large bowl. Let them soak in water with a few drops melaleuca and lemon. To freshen up laundry may have been left in washer too long, add a few drops of Purify or Lemon essential oil to freshen up.
5 .Make a bleach alternative.  Use equal parts of hydrogen peroxide 3 percent and water.  Add a 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or ½ tsp citric acid and 10 drops lemon essential oil. Use this alternative instead of bleach for whites. Store in a brown bottle for up to 3 months.
6.  Swap out your fabric sprays for a DIY version. In a 4oz bottle, combine distilled water and 10 drops essential oil for sheets, clothes, etc. Use lavender, eucalyptus, lemon or any combination of oils you like.
7.  Trade out your dryer sheets for wool dryer balls.  Add a few drops of essential oil to the dryer balls.  Calming oils such as lavender and Serenity are great. Wool dryer balls also cut down the drying time by up to 50 percent and prevent clothing from having wet spots.  
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Essential Oils for Women’s Wellness


Women face many health challenges caused by changes they experience throughout their reproductive years and beyond. Hormones, the skeletal system and even brain function are affected. These changes often cause issues with weight gain, fatigue, emotions, and digestive problems.  At each stage of life, women must find ways to handle their changing bodies and stay physically and emotionally balanced.

A woman’s reproductive system is closely connected to her endocrine system. Therefore, hormones are most important in affecting a woman’s fertility, and emotional and physical health.

Due to the inevitable hormonal changes,  women will experience symptoms such as, mood swings, bloating, headaches and low energy levels.  These experiences can significantly interfere with daily activities and enjoyment of life. Even as the reproductive years come to an end, women will experience symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, weight gain, migraines, and anxious feelings.

How can women cope with these health challenges using a natural approach?  First, it is important that women pay close attention to their nutrition and hydration.  A healthy diet will help women avoid many chronic health issues as they age. In addition, staying hydrated with pure, plain, filtered water will keep the digestive system and other systems functioning properly.  

Lastly, essential oils can be a great help for women’s struggles.  Essential oils have been used for women’s health long before there were doctors and prescription medications.  Essential oils can be very helpful in relieving symptoms in a safe and natural way.  Below are my top picks for essential oils that should be in every woman’s home:

    1. Lavender oil – support for reducing stress, sleep, anxiety and emotional balance. Lavender can be used for skin repair and beauty.  Apply a few drops over your heart to reduce stress. Add a few drops to a diffuser before bed for relaxation.
    2. Clary Sage oil – helps with hot flashes, mood swings, depression, PMS and menopause symptoms.  Rub a 3 drops Clary Sage and 2 drops peppermint oil to the back of your neck and chest when you feel a hot flash coming on.  To prevent skin sensitivity, apply oils with a small amount of a carrier oil (such as coconut oil). To balance emotions, add 4 drops Clary Sage and 4 drops lavender in a diffuser.
    3. Peppermint oil – improves mental alertness and energy.  Helps to reduce headaches, hot flashes, menstrual cramps and bloating.  Apply 2 drops to your hands and inhale deeply for 30 seconds. Then rub the back of your neck couple and temples for an instant energy boost or headache relief.  To improve mood and focus, add a 3 drops peppermint and 3 drops wild orange in a diffuser.
    4. Geranium oil – helps balance hormones and regenerative to skin.  Add a few drops to your body lotion to relieve dry skin.  Apply 2 drops to bottoms of each foot to balance emotions. Add a drop to your natural deodorant before applying to prevent body odor..
    5. Slim and Sassy oil – for weight loss, slow metabolism, fatigue, cravings and blood sugar balance.  Add 2 drops to water for internal use. Apply topically to bottoms of the feet for daily support.  Inhale straight from the bottle for cravings.
    6. Frankincense oil – is an anti-aging oil. It is used as an anti- inflammatory,for emotional balance, and to boost the immune system.  Add a few drops to your diffuser to help with depression. Use a drop in your face lotion each night for anti-aging benefit.  Rub a drop or two on your abdomen for post-baby stretch marks. Use a drop on bottoms of your feet for a daily immune boost.
    7. Grapefruit oil – supports healthy progesterone levels and breast health.  Add 2-3 drops to your water daily. For cellulite issues, add 2-3 drops to your body moisturizer and apply to the affected areas.
    8. Neroli oil – promotes healthy libido, reduces anxiety and depression.  Apply to bottoms of feet or to pulse points throughout the day.
    9. Balance Blend– for emotional health, stress and anxiety.  Apply to bottoms of feet and pulse points throughout the day.
    10. Clary Calm – for hormone balancing, heavy periods, PMS, pre and peri-menopause symptoms, low libido and hot flashes.  Apply to abdomen and pulse points throughout the day. Many women also use this as a personal fragrance.

Essential oils must be 100% pure and rigorously, third-party tested for safety, potency and purity.  DoTERRA essential oils have the highest testing standards on the market today and is the largest essential oil company worldwide.  DoTERRA is proud to offer only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils (CPTG). A CPTG is guaranteed to be 100% pure essential oil, potent and completely free of toxins, fillers, chemicals and pesticides.  It is only safe to order doTERRA oils directly from a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and not from third party sellers, as the company cannot guarantee the oil is true DoTERRA essential oil.

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What’s All The Hype About Essential Oils


What’s All The Hype About Essential Oils?

If you are health-minded like me, you have probably noticed essential oils everywhere these days. They are being sold in warehouse stores such as Costco and even at stores such as Best Buy.  There is a natural health movement happening and it is exciting to see people making positive changes with their health.

I started using essential oils because I wanted live a holistic and natural lifestyle for myself and my children. Once I discovered the oils, it opened up a whole new world of natural health that I didn’t know existed. I have replaced many products in our home such as medications, creams, lotions, detergents and soaps.  I just love to have natural remedies and alternatives available to me at a moment’s notice.

So what are essential oils exactly?  They are organic compounds extracted from the roots, stems, leaves and bark of plants.  They are nature’s defense mechanism for the plant by warding off predators and keeping the plant cells healthy.  

Essential oils have been in existence for over 5000 years.  They have tremendous healing properties and are extremely powerful.  For example, one drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!

Throughout history, many different cultures used essential oils for a variety of health conditions.  They can help our bodies heal faster, feel healthier and support vitality and our immune system in a natural way.

Essential oils can penetrate our cell membranes to fight against threats inside of our cells. Medications only treat symptoms and have side effects, whereas essential oils can work quickly in the blood stream in only 30 seconds.

Essential oils are also safer, cheaper and many times more effective than medications.  They cost only pennies per drop.

Essential oils can treat multiple, often unrelated ailments.  Just adding some of the most common essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, lemon, and melaleuca to your bathroom cabinet, can do so many things such as: Heal skin conditions, clean your home, fight colds and viruses, relieve anxiety and reduce stress, alleviate pain and inflammation, soothe digestive issues and more.

In addition, some hospitals are using essential oils in combination with traditional therapies. Essential oils are used by midwives, cancer patients and people with mental illness to reduce stress and anxiety.  John Hopkins University partnered with DoTerra in 2016 and will officially be published in a scientific peer reviewed medical journal for the first time. This has never been done by an essential oil company ever.  

When choosing essential oils, you must choose a company that is committed to meeting the highest of quality standards.  To reap the benefit of an essential oil, it must be 100% pure, contain zero fillers, contaminants, pesticides or synthetics.  Be sure the essential oil company uses adheres to third party testing to ensure purity and potency.  By doing this, it will be certified to have the correct composition to achieve the desired result.

So how can you use essential oils? It’s extremely simple!

  1. Aromatically – diffusing essential oils can improve your mood, soothes respiratory issues and supports breathing.  It can also disinfect and freshen the air. You can diffuse at night for restful breathing, relaxation, or sleep. Or you  can simply inhale from your hands or straight from bottle
  • Topically – apply 1-4 drops to directly to the area of concern or on the feet, spine, behind ears, back of neck.  Always dilute your essential oil with coconut oil, especially with children or the elderly. Remember, less is more. Apply a small amount more often than a large amount at once.
  • Internally – used for immune support, detoxification, and digestive upset.  Some essential oils are safe for internal use. Be sure to check the label of the bottle to make sure it is safe for ingestion.

Here are some popular oils and simple ways to use them:

  • Lemon – detoxifier, cleanser, soothes an irritated throat, add to water for a burst of flavor and detox, diffuse to neutralize odors, boosts mood, make a cleaning spray, allergies.
  • Lavender – considered a universal oil, diffuse to help sleep, heal a burn, reduce anxiety, acne, skin irritations, improves mood, relaxation.
  • Peppermint – respiratory support, freshen breath, reduce a fever, heat exhaustion, sore feet, support digestion, improves focus, headache and muscle relief
  • Oregano – support immune system, wart or skin tag removal, clean and purify.
  • Melaleuca – skin irritation and infection, acne, bug repellant, chemical free cleaning, boost immune system.
  • Frankincense – builds immunity, reduces anxiety, skin problems, anti- aging, muscle and pain relief.

How to get your oils at wholesale cost!

You will want to purchase only quality essential oils, which are much more affordable at a wholesale price.   With doTERRA essential oils, you can become a wholesale customer by purchasing a starter kit. You will receive the top 10 oils at a discount by purchasing them in a kit.  Your wholesale membership is much like a Costco membership and will save you 25% on your purchases for the entire year. You can also become a wholesale customer without purchasing a kit by paying a one time $35 enrollment fee. Check out my website at www.purefitwomen.fit to visit my essential oils store.

You can also contact me at Amandapurefit@gmail.com to help you with your specific needs or questions. It makes all the difference to have someone guide you on your essential oils journey.

7 Steps To a More Natural Home

As a mom, I want to be sure that my kids live in a home that is free of as many harmful products as possible. Most of us are unaware of common products in our homes that can cause serious health problems.  Unless you begin to look into what is contained in these common products, people just do not realize they can cause allergies, asthma, endocrine disruption, and even cancer.  

In my journey toward a more natural lifestyle, I started to think about the safety of the products I was using on myself and my children.  Most of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body.  I decided to make some gradual changes toward making better choices for the health of my family.

Here are my top 5 steps toward creating a more natural and toxin-free home.

    1. Replace processed foods with real foods.  This may seem tough at first but my advice to you is to involve your kids in the process.  Take them on a shopping trip and make a game of trying to find healthier versions of the foods they like.  Or involve them in the kitchen with you by helping to peel carrots or arrange different vegetables on a veggie platter. Kids love to help.
    2. Make your own green cleaning products.  Eliminate harmful inhalation of traditional cleaning products.  Replace with inexpensive and effective products such as vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils.  
    3. Replace personal care products with natural alternatives.  There are many natural products with less chemicals you can purchase such as deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and lotions.  You can also save money by making your own simple recipes with products such as coconut oil, cornstarch, witch hazel and essential oils.
    4. Reduce waste that you create in your home.  We are all trying to help the environment and reduce the amount of trash we create.  Recycle empty containers and use them for other things.  Make your own cleaning supplies with empty wine bottles.  Use empty mason jars for storing small objects such as cotton balls and arts and crafts.  
    5. Use alternative remedies for common ailments.  Before turning to over the counter medications for common ailments, consider using essential oils or home remedies for minor conditions.  For example, melaleuca essential oil is great for acne and can be a very effective form of treatment with no side effects, such as dry skin from traditional medications.

Moving toward a more natural lifestyle will take time.  Little changes will make big changes in your health.  Visit my website www.Purefitwomen.fit for more info on healthy tips, recipes and essential oils.


Essential Oils For a Safer, Cleaner Home

A clean home is something most of us desire. Having a clean home keeps germs away and reduces allergies from dust and other pollutants.   However, many of the products we clean with are toxic to our health and produce fumes that are highly irritating to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. In fact, some cleaners are among the most toxic products found in the home.

Fragrances are added to many cleaners, most notably, laundry detergents and fabric softeners which may cause acute effects such as respiratory irritation, headache, sneezing, and watery eyes in sensitive individuals or allergy and asthma sufferers.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has found that one-third of the substances used in the fragrance industry are toxic. To make matters worse, companies are not required to list their ingredients, but merely label them as containing “fragrance.”

Other ingredients in cleaners may have low acute toxicity but are proven to contribute to long-term health effects, such as cancer or hormone disruption.  

While the chemicals in cleaners foam, bleach, and disinfect to make our dishes, bathtubs and countertops gleaming and germ-free, many also contribute to indoor air pollution, and are poisonous if ingested.  There is no safe exposure level according to the EPA.

Over 100,000 children under the age of 6 are sickened by household cleaners each year.  

The most acutely dangerous cleaning products are corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and acidic toilet bowl cleaners. Ingredients with high acute toxicity include chlorine bleach and ammonia.

So how do you know if your products are harmful?  Look for labeling that reads, “DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, TOXIC, CORROSIVE, FLAMMABLE, POISON”

So how can we clean our homes safely and effectively? Skip the toxins and start cleaning your home with essential oils! Essential oils protect against seasonal and environmental threats.  They naturally kill bacteria, germs, fungi and mold.

Oils are multi-purpose and can be used to clean your house but also for many personal care needs.

Essential oils cost pennies per drop so you can save money on cleaning products and make your own!

Essential oils have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties, which makes them ideal for cleaning. Here are some popular ways to use essential oils for cleaning:

  1. Lemon- dissolves sticky residue, cleans greasy messes, polishes furniture
  2. Melaleuca – kills mold, toilet bowl cleaner, all purpose cleaner
  3. Lavender- all purpose cleaner, freshens linens, add to wash loads
  4. Wild Orange – degreases and shines, add to all purpose cleaner for a great scent.  

Some additional products to have on hand for natural cleaning are:

  1. White Vinegar- which kills germs, cuts grease, deodorizes and dissolves mineral deposits.
  2. Baking soda-scrubs, whitens, deodorizes, cuts grease, mildly abrasive and absorbs odors.  
  3. Carrier oil- such as almond, coconut or olive oil for polishing furniture.
  4. Castile soap-  which is a vegetable based soap to be used for personal care needs and for household cleaning.

Visit https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog-products for diy recipes for a cleaner home!

Eco-friendly natural cleaners made of lemon and baking soda on white wooden table