14 Day Slim Down Program

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Are you a busy mom, working professional, or woman over 40 and struggling with hormonal changes in your body?  Are family obligations, careers, and lack of time preventing you from taking care of yourself?

I KNOW YOUR STRUGGLES!!! As a mom of 2, an entrepreneur and a woman over 40, I know how difficult it is to FIT IT ALL IN!!!  As women, we try to be everything to everyone!  As a result, we are left over-tired, over-stressed, over-weight and feeling completely overwhelmed.

Which is why I designed your perfect solution!  A take anywhere 14 DAY Slim Down Program!  This program is designed to fit into YOUR life and YOUR schedule. It includes a:

  • 14 day home-based workout program with strength and cardio (including bonus workouts for the gym)
  •  A comprehensive meal plan designed by a registered dietitian, specifically for women, and based on your current activity level and hormonal challenges you may have.
  • Grocery lists
  • Extensive food options
  • Recipe guide of quick and easy recipes
  • Helpful tips, info and supplement recommendations
  • Support and coaching from myself and my team
  • Membership to our amazing PRIVATE Facebook group page EXCLUSIVELY for WOMEN!

This program is meant to get you quick results. If you have a vacation planned or special event, I encourage you to workout as many days as you can fit into your schedule for these 2 weeks.  The additional activity will add up.

As for your meal plan, prepping is key.  Keep plenty of low calorie options such as cut up raw veggies and hard boiled eggs on hand.  Quick, grab and go snacks will make a world of difference.

Set some goals, decide what you are willing to do to get there and put the work in.  Commitment and dedication will guarantee you success.

Email me at Amanda@PureFitWomen.fit  with any questions or special considerations.

I am so excited for you and your journey!

Yours in health,

Amanda Mancini

PureFit Women

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