2.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan

Searching for the perfect saucepan? Your search ends here. Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware proudly presents the Xtrema 2.5-quart Traditions 100% ceramic saucepan, the latest cooking tool to grace our collection. Cooking with ceramic is much safer than cooking with metal, because our cookware is free of lead, cadmium, and toxic metals, as well as PFOA, PTFE and ceramic Sol-Gel chemical coatings that can be harmful to your health. Ceramic is a non-porous material that does not stain or retain the odor and taste of your food. Metallic cooking surfaces, on the other hand, will leach chemicals and unwanted flavors into the food you prepare. With the Xtrema Traditions 2.5-quart ceramic saucepan in your collection, you can make every meal memorable. Plus, you can spend less time cleaning up! Each pan features a high-gloss finish that makes it dishwasher-safe and easy to use. Make the smartest choice for you and your family by switching to ceramic today!