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Women: Getting fit in your 40s — Forever 39 Podcast

Amanda Mancini was featured on a NJ101.5 podcast to give advice to woman in their 40s on how to stay fit. Amanda’s tips can really help you start a healthier lifestyle! She covers the importance of staying active, proper diet, and how to make it work in your busy schedule. This is a great listen for any woman trying to get healthier!


Fit Women’s Podcast:
How To Handle Seasonal Fitness Disorder With Trainer Amanda Mancini & Going Vegan

Amanda Mancini was featured on the Fit Women’s Podcast to chat about seasonal fitness disorder (yes, we all suffer sometimes), spring cleaning your body, and life right now with easy to follow tips and the transition to a vegan lifestyle. If you’re interested in living a healthier lifestyle or learning more about the positives of a vegan lifestyle, then this is a great listen for you!


The Risks of Waist Training and Why It’s a Bad Idea  Amanda Mancini was consulted for expert advice on the best ways to shape your waist. If you are trying to tighten your midsection, this is a great article for you.