Getting Fit In Your 40s Podcast

Amanda Mancini from PureFit was recently featured on a NJ101.5 podcast. The podcast is called Forever 39 and the topic was “Getting Fit in Your 40s”. Amanda had a ton of advice to give to women in their 40s. Below are just some tips Amanda talked about but to hear them all, you can listen to the full podcast for all of the insight Amanda provided.


Get A Step Tracker (i.e. Fitbit)

Do you know how many steps you are taking a day? A healthy goal for the average person is 10,000 steps per day. Most people that buy a Fitbit tend to notice that they are coming nowhere near 10,000 steps. Amanda had some ideas such as walking around the fields when your kids are practicing soccer or walking up and down every aisle when going grocery shopping. These activities can be easily integrated into your schedule!


Your Calendar Is Your Friend

Think about it. If you have a nail appointment in your schedule, are you going to make it to that appointment? Most likely, yes! When you schedule a workout in your calendar, treat it as an actual appointment like any other one you can’t miss. This will help you find time in your schedule and stick to your workout regimen!


Eat Healthy to Have More Energy

If you’re noticing that you are having a harder time making it through the day without extra cups of coffee, it may be time to analyze your diet. If your diet contains a lot of foods full of sugar and fat because they are the easiest to have on-the-go, then that could be the issue. If you want more energy, it may be time to make sure you have your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables every day.


For more tips, listen to the full podcast and keep visiting the blog!