Exercising While on Vacation

On vacation, it can be difficult to maintain a regular workout regimen. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely impossible! I recommend you simply aim for 20 minutes to an hour of workout time per day. If that isn’t realistic for you, stick to every other day or 15 minutes a day. Keeping part of your regular routine will make it easier to return to it once you get home. You don’t want to lose any momentum that you may have started before the vacation.

To keep yourself on track, you may want to bring a jump rope and a set of exercise bands. Jump ropes are a great tool to get a cardio workout with minimal equipment. You can even use an imaginary jump rope if you don’t have a real one on hand. Exercise bands are available individually or you can purchase them in a set of 5 bands, which range from extra light to extra heavy. The heavier the band is, the more resistance it provides. Resistance bands can be added to squats, tricep extensions, and more. If you want to purchase both items, they cost less than 20 dollars on Amazon.

For those trips where you don’t have access to a gym, there are plenty of exercises you can do without needing a piece of equipment. For example, jumping jacks, planks, and lunges are just a few exercises that rely solely on bodyweight.

If you find yourself skipping more exercises than you should, try to find activities that will enable you to sightsee and keep you active at the same time. There are plenty of vacation activities that can also double as exercise!  It can be as simple as walking around a new city or something more rigorous like hiking or skiing. Also, remember that you are on vacation. Take the time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Don’t forget to also bring your essential oils! A lavender oil can help you relax and a ginger oil can help you deal with any motion sickness that you may encounter while traveling on cars, planes, and boats.