Best Essential Oils for Allergies

Essential oils are volatile organic compounds occurring naturally in seeds, flowers, stems, roots, barks and other parts of the plant. They can be powerfully fragrant and give a distinctive smell to the plants, playing a massive role in pollination and their protection. In addition to these benefits, essential oils can be highly appreciated for their contribution to beauty treatments, food preparation, and health-care practices. They are also known for treating allergies.

Mostly caused by pollen, food, animal dander and other triggers, allergies can be relieved by eliminating the toxins in your body. Here are top essential oils for allergies that can help you counter the reactions:

  1. Lemon Oil

Known for its contribution in making quality cleaning products, it promotes a healthy respiratory system and cleanses your body. It also helps in curing sore throats and works very well as a flavor booster. You can use the oil internally or add it to your laundry detergent.

  1. Eucalyptus oil

It opens up sinuses and lungs, improving the body air circulation and significantly reducing signs of an allergic reaction. It’s also a known expectorant and helps to cleanse toxins and other microorganisms that may trigger an allergy.

  1. Peppermint oil

Studies show that it‘s an excellent expectorant and it provides relief against coughs, asthma, bronchitis and allergic reactions. It can be used internally, by adding 2 or 3 drops to your cup of tea, water or smoothie.

  1. Tea tree oil

This potent oil destroys airborne allergens, and it’s known as an antiseptic agent, with anti-inflammatory properties. Add a few drops to your household cleaner or apply it on your skin, for treating rashes.

Whether you suffer from food, dust or other types of allergies, essential oils are an excellent way to treat them. Visit our online store to find these essential oils and many more!