Winter Wellness Tips

Winter is upon us and along with that we are faced with the dreaded cold and flu season.  You will be happy to know that you can prevent illness or shorten the duration of the illness with some simple habits.  

Here are some helpful tips to keep you healthy this winter. 

  1. Get enough sleep.  Lack of sleep weakens your immune system.  Aim for 7-8 hours each night. Kids and teens need more.  If you are not feeling well, listen to your body and sleep.  Sleep is when the body repairs itself. 
  2. Exercise. The benefits of exercise are well known.  Exercise is a natural detox for your body. It helps regulate sugar levels and reduces stress. Aim to be active for at least 30 minutes per day most days of the week. 
  3. Get some natural sunlight.  Since Vitamin D levels can drop in the winter, it is important to get natural sunlight for supporting a healthy immune system. Low vitamin D levels can put you at risk for colds, flu and even depression.  
  4. Increase the amount of colorful vegetables and fruits in your diet.  Added antioxidants and nutrients will help immune function. Eat garlic, mushrooms, ginger and blueberries for a great antioxidant boost.
  5. Drink lots of water!   If your body is not properly hydrated, the immune system cannot work properly.
  6. Skip the alcohol. Alcohol suppresses the immune system so you may not be able to fight off a bug already in your system or ones you come into contact with.  
  7. Take a high quality probiotic daily or eat fermented foods. 
  8. Avoid processed foods that are loaded with chemicals and cause immune system disruption in the body. m
  9. Use essential oils to help prevent and alleviate the discomfort of having a seasonal illness.  Essential oils can help boost your body’s immune system.  Wash hands often. Prevent the spread of germs by thoroughly washing your hands with plain soap and warm water every time you are in a public place, before eating, after using the bathroom and after shaking hands with people.  This is the single most effective thing you can do to prevent the spread of germs.

Here are my go-to products during the winter months in our home:

On Guard (protective blend)- protects immune system , supportive for autoimmune conditions, colds and flu, cold sores, strep throat, and sore throats.  Add a drop to tea to warm you up in the morning. Apply a roller bottle to bottoms of the feet morning and night. 

Lemon – incredibly purifying to the system and for the air.  Promotes health and healing and is a natural detoxifier for the liver and kidneys. 

Make a 2oz spray bottle filled with 20 drops Lemon and water. Spray the air a couple of times a day for a non toxic air purifier (great for teachers if you are wanting to kill germs in the classroom or in the office).

Oregano -fights pathogens, kills germs.  Especially effective for respiratory and bronchial issues.  Add 2 drops of oregano to a steaming bowl of water, make a tent with a towel and inhale for 5-10 minutes Breathe (respiratory blend) – super effective for opening up airways.  Add a few drops to your diffuser at night to help with clear breathing and snoring.  Apply a few drops to the chest with carrier oil for relief from coughing. 

Digestzen (digestive blend) – for stomach issues.  For upset stomach, viruses, food poisoning, apply a few drops to stomach area with carrier oil or add 1 drop to water and drink. 

Some important tips to keep in mind:

Essential oils are very powerful.  Use small amounts more often. Less is more.  

Keep your oils in places that will remind you to use them, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Keep roller bottles filled and on hand, so that when someone in the home needs it, you are prepared. 

Tips for daily prevention and immune support:

  1. Diffuse OnGuard daily.  Diffuse 8-10 drops to purify the air and kill germs.
  2. You can also diffuse lemon, melaleuca and peppermint to clear the airways.  
    1. Gargle with OnGuard and lemon essential oil daily. 
    2. Add a drop of On Guard to green teach each day.
    3. Add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil to your water daily. 

    At the first sign of sickness, or feeling under the weather:

  3. Use Onguard, Frankincense and Copaiba in a roller bottle on feet morning and night. Make a 10ml roller with 10 drops of each and top with carrier oil.

  4. Immediately begin gargling with OnGuard and lemon essential oil.  This will help with sore throat pain. You can also apply OnGuard to the throat, but be sure to dilute heavily. 

  5. Diffuse OnGuard, lemon and melaleuca (4 drops each).  Switch off with Breathe and lavender.
  6. Dilute Breathe and apply to chest for congestion and cough. 
  7. Add lemon essential oil to your tea. 
  8. Add essential oils to a veggie cap and swallow.  You can use oils such as oregano and OnGuard.
  9. Take OnGuard beadlets for daily immune support. Take 2-3 every few hours.  For flu symptoms, use oregano internally or make the steam bowl as directed above.
  10. Use lavender to help with sleep.  Add 8 drops to your diffuser 30 minutes before bed.

    Tips for emotional wellness in the winter months:

    1. Get outside and get fresh air daily. Go for a run or a walk. 
    2. Open the windows and air out the house for 30 minutes a few times per week.
    3. Diffuse oils to uplift mood. Choose any citrus oils such as wild orange, citrus bliss, Cheer Blend and lime.
    4. Oils to increase mental alertness, energy and focus:  peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, frankincense, Siberian fir, Motivation Blend
    5. Oils to relax and relieve anxiety/sleep – Serenity blend, lavender, Peace blend, copaiba, vetiver, frankincense, cedarwood.


Essential Oils For Anti-Aging Skin


There are many commercial products to help reduce the signs of aging, but I always questioned if they actually work. In addition, I have concerns about the harmful chemicals contained in these products, since many companies are not required to disclose all the ingredients on their label. I prefer to use natural options for my skin care. 
As we age, the skin begins to break down and lose elasticity. This is what causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the face, particularly on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes.  
Essential oils may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent new ones. They are much less expensive than anti-aging skin care products you will find in department stores. They are also cost effective as well, because you can use essential oils for many unrelated uses.  
So how do you use essential oils for anti-aging skin care? 
It’s simple! All you will need are some basic essential oils listed below, a carrier oil of your choice (such as fractionated coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil or any other oil you choose) and a facial moisturizer. 
The best way to clean your skin and wash makeup off your face is to do Oil Cleansing. Oil Cleansing will prevent stripping away the natural oils from your skin when you wash your face.  
Oil Cleansing Recipe
2-3 drops lavender essential oil
1 tsp carrier oil
Mix into hand and apply all over face. Take a warm, wet washcloth and gently wipe oil off face. Your face will feel soft and moisturized.  
To stimulate collagen production and help with fine lines and wrinkles, add a few drops of essential oils such as copaiba, frankincense or myrrh to your facial moisturizer each night at bedtime.  
For a homemade anti-aging eye cream, make a simple eye cream using a tablespoon of solid coconut oil, 3-4 drops of rose or myrrh essential oil and 3-4 drops of copaiba or sandalwood and gently rub cream around eyes each night. 
For a natural glow and to stimulate collagen production, apply a few drops carrier oil with a few drops Yarrow Pom on a clean face every night. Don’t forget to do your neck too! 
Here are my top picks for anti-aging essential oils:
You can combine any of them in your recipes or
switch it up every now and then. 
  1. Copaiba – great for anti-aging skin, wound healing and to stimulate collagen production. 
  2. Yarrow Pom – when applied to the skin, pomegranate may reduce the appearance of sun spots, reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative stress and stop the growth of rogue cells. 
  3. Frankincense – reduces the appearance of scars, fine lines, stretch marks and improves skin tone and skin tightening. Promotes cell renewal. 
  4. Rose – reduces puffiness and redness, promotes cell renewal, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Lavender – for age spots, calming skin irritations, acne and skin cell regeneration.
  6. Myrrh – useful for fine lines and dry skin. 
  7. Sandalwood – for regenerating skin care, helps with sun damage and aging skin. Fights free radicals, tones and soothes the surface of skin while fighting the signs of aging.  
  8. Immortelle – a powerful anti-aging blend that contains multiple essential oils (this product by itself is all you need for an anti-aging powerhouse). 
Some of my favorite Anti-aging products
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