Indoor Exercise Ideas

Exercising outdoors is great for your body. Getting all that fresh air and sunshine is a great addition to your physical routine. But when the sky turns gray, it’s still important to continue your exercise routine even if it is too cold or rainy to go outside. Let’s take a look at some great in-home exercise equipment that can help you stick to your routine even in bad weather.


A classic piece of equipment that can help you stay on track to meeting your fitness goals is a treadmill. The ability to customize your workout from a slow walking pace to a fast run makes it versatile and easy to use for beginners. You can even get your run in while watching your favorite show, making it hard to come up with excuses to skip your workout.


An elliptical machine allows you to exercise while putting less pressure on your joints compared to running or even using a treadmill. Some elliptical machines will even adjust the intensity of the workout depending on your heart rate so you burn more calories and see results quicker.


Treadmills and ellipticals are great for exercise on a rainy day, but they do not offer a full body workout. It’s still important to incorporate weight training for your upper body, even if it is just by using light hand weights. These are also great to add to your floor routine exercises, like pilates or aerobics.

Kettle Bells

A kettlebell is a heavy bell-shaped weight with a handle. Since you use a single weight, your entire body is incorporated while lifting. Using a kettle bell is a great way to strengthen your core muscles while weight training. It also increases your heart rate substantially since you are using your entire body while lifting, allowing you to incorporate cardio into your routine without adding additional time to your workout.

Be sure to continue your fitness routine no matter the weather!