What’s All The Hype About Essential Oils


What’s All The Hype About Essential Oils?

If you are health-minded like me, you have probably noticed essential oils everywhere these days. They are being sold in warehouse stores such as Costco and even at stores such as Best Buy.  There is a natural health movement happening and it is exciting to see people making positive changes with their health.

I started using essential oils because I wanted live a holistic and natural lifestyle for myself and my children. Once I discovered the oils, it opened up a whole new world of natural health that I didn’t know existed. I have replaced many products in our home such as medications, creams, lotions, detergents and soaps.  I just love to have natural remedies and alternatives available to me at a moment’s notice.

So what are essential oils exactly?  They are organic compounds extracted from the roots, stems, leaves and bark of plants.  They are nature’s defense mechanism for the plant by warding off predators and keeping the plant cells healthy.  

Essential oils have been in existence for over 5000 years.  They have tremendous healing properties and are extremely powerful.  For example, one drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!

Throughout history, many different cultures used essential oils for a variety of health conditions.  They can help our bodies heal faster, feel healthier and support vitality and our immune system in a natural way.

Essential oils can penetrate our cell membranes to fight against threats inside of our cells. Medications only treat symptoms and have side effects, whereas essential oils can work quickly in the blood stream in only 30 seconds.

Essential oils are also safer, cheaper and many times more effective than medications.  They cost only pennies per drop.

Essential oils can treat multiple, often unrelated ailments.  Just adding some of the most common essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, lemon, and melaleuca to your bathroom cabinet, can do so many things such as: Heal skin conditions, clean your home, fight colds and viruses, relieve anxiety and reduce stress, alleviate pain and inflammation, soothe digestive issues and more.

In addition, some hospitals are using essential oils in combination with traditional therapies. Essential oils are used by midwives, cancer patients and people with mental illness to reduce stress and anxiety.  John Hopkins University partnered with DoTerra in 2016 and will officially be published in a scientific peer reviewed medical journal for the first time. This has never been done by an essential oil company ever.  

When choosing essential oils, you must choose a company that is committed to meeting the highest of quality standards.  To reap the benefit of an essential oil, it must be 100% pure, contain zero fillers, contaminants, pesticides or synthetics.  Be sure the essential oil company uses adheres to third party testing to ensure purity and potency.  By doing this, it will be certified to have the correct composition to achieve the desired result.

So how can you use essential oils? It’s extremely simple!

  1. Aromatically – diffusing essential oils can improve your mood, soothes respiratory issues and supports breathing.  It can also disinfect and freshen the air. You can diffuse at night for restful breathing, relaxation, or sleep. Or you  can simply inhale from your hands or straight from bottle
  • Topically – apply 1-4 drops to directly to the area of concern or on the feet, spine, behind ears, back of neck.  Always dilute your essential oil with coconut oil, especially with children or the elderly. Remember, less is more. Apply a small amount more often than a large amount at once.
  • Internally – used for immune support, detoxification, and digestive upset.  Some essential oils are safe for internal use. Be sure to check the label of the bottle to make sure it is safe for ingestion.

Here are some popular oils and simple ways to use them:

  • Lemon – detoxifier, cleanser, soothes an irritated throat, add to water for a burst of flavor and detox, diffuse to neutralize odors, boosts mood, make a cleaning spray, allergies.
  • Lavender – considered a universal oil, diffuse to help sleep, heal a burn, reduce anxiety, acne, skin irritations, improves mood, relaxation.
  • Peppermint – respiratory support, freshen breath, reduce a fever, heat exhaustion, sore feet, support digestion, improves focus, headache and muscle relief
  • Oregano – support immune system, wart or skin tag removal, clean and purify.
  • Melaleuca – skin irritation and infection, acne, bug repellant, chemical free cleaning, boost immune system.
  • Frankincense – builds immunity, reduces anxiety, skin problems, anti- aging, muscle and pain relief.

How to get your oils at wholesale cost!

You will want to purchase only quality essential oils, which are much more affordable at a wholesale price.   With doTERRA essential oils, you can become a wholesale customer by purchasing a starter kit. You will receive the top 10 oils at a discount by purchasing them in a kit.  Your wholesale membership is much like a Costco membership and will save you 25% on your purchases for the entire year. You can also become a wholesale customer without purchasing a kit by paying a one time $35 enrollment fee. Check out my website at www.purefitwomen.fit to visit my essential oils store.

You can also contact me at Amandapurefit@gmail.com to help you with your specific needs or questions. It makes all the difference to have someone guide you on your essential oils journey.